The Left: Down with the bourgeois


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The Left Party might have 2 leaders but it’s Sahra Wagenknecht who is their candidate for chancellor.

Everyone’s welcome

They’re not only happy for migrants to stay, but they want recent migration caps to be lifted so that Germany can take in more.

Target acquired

There’s definitely an anti-wealth feeling to Left’s political aims: whilst they’re happy to lighten the tax burden for lower income citizens, they’d smack those earning €1m/year plus with a 75% tax. They’d also introduce an asset tax on the super wealthy.

These twin policies seem ideologically rather than practically driven.

Plenty of examples show that squeezing the rich doesn’t always increase revenue. Instead, it can actually hamper economic progress and lighten tax receipts. You only need to turn to former French President Francois Hollande’s tax regime. Critics would argue that it actually created economic stagnation, and French wealth and investment drain. Many wealthy French citizens emigrated to the UK. It was soon abandoned.


That’s how much they’d spend. That’s over double the SPD’s plan and whilst the details haven’t aren’t clear, the bulk will probably be on infrastructure.


Left strongly support the Eurozone project and want it made easier for members to spend more. They also demand greater wage equality by making the minimum wage linked to a member state’s national average wage.



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