The EagleView: Week 1


Looking back at last week’s articles.

We started our week by reviewing how oil prices are set to fluctuate due to geopolitical tensions. Will the US hit Venezuela, a major oil producer, with sanctions?

And then onto an industry whose goods are currently reliant on oil: cars. We saw how the UK car industry is beginning to falter because of major uncertainty over Brexit.

We also looked at the UK’s finances: do we have too much debt, should we deregulate to boost growth, and was the Bank of England right to maintain record low interest rates? Big things to consider, given the state of the UK economy and the lessons of history.

Moving on, we noticed how the pharmaceutical sector is putting big bets on gene therapy. Meanwhile, in the media industry, Disney has put two fingers up to its long term partner Netflix and is now set on entering the streaming market.

To round things off, we went to America: gas production has skyrocketed but that hasn’t stopped the US getting tough on Chinese foil imports. Could this be the start of a trade war?

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