The Brexit story so far


It’s a year on from voting to leave the EU. Let’s take a look at what’s going on.

Irish Border

The UK government doesn’t want to see a return to a hard border (fences/walls/guards) between Ireland and Northern Ireland. It would hinder trade and commercial prospects for the poorest constituent of the United Kingdom. Businesses already much prefer Ireland, where the corporate tax rate is lower and the environment to do business is safer. Northern Ireland’s economy is very reliant on the state and the private sector is far behind the rest of the UK.

Also, any hard border would be strongly opposed by Nationalists, endangering the already fragile Good Friday Agreement.

Union without the Union

Meanwhile, the UK’shave your cake and eat it” approach of being inside a customs union but not being subject to EU law is now seen as a top priority of the negotiations. The UK wants to stay within the trade zone for a time, even after Britain formally leaves. The plan has been described by one European official as fantasy.

Farage: The TV Show

Finally, Hollywood is getting serious about adapting a key Farage supporter’s story of the referendum campaign into a TV series. Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is rumoured to be the top contender to play the ex-UKIP leader.


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