Martin Schulz: Children go free


This article is primarily sourced from the SPD’s website.

Social Democratic Party of Germany’s (SPD) candidate for chancellor is Martin Schulz, ex President of the European Parliament, the EU’s legislature.


As part of the unbreakable “four pledges,” the party promises fair wages and secure pensions for all. That includes a promise not to increase the pension age.

Education, Education, Education

Training and education should be free, including at Masters level.

Then there’s a plan to build more social housing for lower income families.

Children and tax

If you’ve got a child, you’ll get a tax discount of €150.

They’ll also  just make the rich pay the reunification tax.

Meanwhile, the higher rate of tax will only kick in at €60k instead of €54k. If you are a high earner, you’ll have to fork over an additional 3% in the form of a wealth tax. And when you die, your child will pay a lot more inheritance tax.

“Come, come…but only if you’re skilled”

If you’re a non-EU citizen, you’ll need enough “points” to immigrate, in its skills-based immigration policy.


The SPD pledge to put an additional €30bn into infrastructure projects. They want to upgrade roads, railways, hospitals and schools.


And Schulz hasn’t forgotten his EU past.

He wants to see increased economic harmonisation, tax unification and an alignment in welfare policies across the EU. All of this could be enshrined in a European Constitution.



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