Greens see 2030 as Greenday

Fotograf: Fabian Heil

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Katrin Dagmar Göring-Eckardt, although a joint leader, is The Greens’ chancellorship candidate.

Because it’s unlikely that they’ll be in a position to form a coalition, firm and detailed economic policies are lacking.

Everyone’s welcome

Like Left, the party wants Germany to be a welcome place for immigrants fleeing conflict, and recent curbs would be withdrawn.

But not if you’re rich

They’re talking about some sort of asset tax, but the details haven’t yet been worked out.


That’s the date Greens want to see Germany powered totally from renewable sources.

They also want to see investment from the financial services industry moved away from fossil fuels and industries which further climate change. Instead, they want banks to invest more in environmentally friendly projects.

And financial institutions would be hit with a wave of new financial regulation. Plans to tighten a bank’s debt limit are also on the cards.

Pro EU

Greens want to strengthen European integration and the Eurozone. They’re particularly interested in policies that’ll tackle high youth unemployment rate that members like Spain and Greece are currently suffering from. There’s also talk of setting up some form of European investment fund or package, but again the details are thin.



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