FDP: Greeks beware


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The Free Democratic Party are led by Christian Lindner.


They’ll expand the common market into energy, immigration policy and national budgets.

This will be achieved through “two speed” integration: members unwilling to seek “ever closer union” shouldn’t hold back those who do. To support this aim, they’ll establish a decentralised, federalised EU.


Whilst they’re committed to the Euro, they’re not big fans of the European Stability Mechanism. They want its remit reduced and borrowing limits tightened.

And they don’t want to see the inner union, as a group, protecting bank deposits, being jointly liable for a member’s debts, nor bailing out a troubled member’s banking sector. Instead, Eurozone banks should have to pay up first. To support this, they call for a Eurozone member “insolvency procedure” to be implemented.  

They also want the EU treaties modified, so that if all else fails, an indebted country can leave the Euro and the Eurozone, but remain in the EU. So perhaps a future Greek Debt Crisis will end differently.

Points mean prizes

Non-EU immigrants will be subject to a new skills based “points” system.


Pension reform is on the agenda but they’re not too specific on what they’ll do. But it looks like pension age might go up and benefits down.

At least there’s around a €30bn tax cut promised.

And they’d sell government stakes in former state owned companies to fund road building and education policies.



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