EagleView: Week 7


Looking back at last week’s articles.

Monday saw us begin our economic analysis of Germany’s 5 biggest parties standing in the federal elections, starting with Merkel’s CDU. Sticking with politics, we might have just seen the end of the UK’s public sector pay cap. Although, it isn’t the end of the Boeing v Airbus saga.

Tuesday, and the Schulz’ SPD wants to give you a tax discount if you’ve got children. Meanwhile, we we went all techno and asked what a blockchain is. And we noticed how Brazil is clawing its way out of recession.

Wednesday turned us to the Left Party, who will squeeze the rich and boost immigration. Talking of boosts, the company behind Angry Birds is looking to boost growth by going public. That’s also the rationale behind the Nordstrom family wanting to take their department store chain private.

Thursday reminded us that the FDP won’t bail out Eurozone members in the future. Talking of the future, Russia and China seem to be getting closer. But can you guess how much Porsche makes per car?

We wrapped things up by looking at the Greens: they want renewable energy sources only by 2030. Meanwhile, 888 isn’t doing too well in the UK. At least biosimilars are set to shake up the pharma industry.

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