EagleView: Week 6


Looking back at last week’s articles.

Monday marked the start of Bank Week. We began with Bank of AmericaWarren Buffett is now their biggest shareholder. Meanwhile, PR giant Bell Pottinger could soon collapse. At least Gucci and Christian Dior are banning size 0.

Tuesday was all about replacements: Deutsche Bank thinks robots will replace bankers; Britain could get a Japanese trade agreement to replace the EU-Japan deal; And AI could soon replace drivers.

Wednesday and Barclays new Smart Investor stockbroking service is beset with problems. And some would say the same for Sports Direct.  But there’s no doubt that Hollywood’s US market is.

Thursday and ICBC, the world’s biggest bank, is leading the Chinese banking sector into growth. Similarly, Finland’s GDP is rising. But Alphabet’s restructure might mean we don’t see full growth stats for Google anymore.

Friday saw us finish our banking series with SBI, India’s biggest bank, tapping the green bond markets. But that’s not an Indian first. Whilst in the US, a pharma firm has done a first by selling a patent to a Native American tribe. However, hurricanes Irma and Harvey could be the first storms to cost the US economy $300bn.

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