EagleView: Week 4


Looking back at last week’s articles.

We started this week all out at sea by looking at the high the cost of salmon. Sticking with edibles, we moved onto coffee, and how the different bean markets make gains at each other’s expense. And talking of gains, budget gyms are consistently bulking up their market share.

Driving into Tuesday, we saw how Audi is swerving past the emissions scandal and embracing green technology. Although, you could consider the Mexican Supreme Court’s decision to let Movil charge interconnection fees a serious scandal to competition in the telecoms market. And sticking with the scandalous: the Premier League made record earnings last season but still suffered a loss.

BAE meanwhile has blasted out bigger profits, on the back of government weapons orders. And talking about governments, the UK’s posted a surplus for the first time in years. Similarly, Asda showed a return to sales growth. But were both events just blips?

We did spot some longer term trends though. For instance, Russia and Turkey keep getting closer. And EasyJet is to make a strong recovery. Even the CEO of the Daily Mail Group is sticking to his long held views on downsizing his media empire by selling Metro.

Finally, we saw what was working: the Spanish and Rwanda’s economy. And what isn’t: US drug prices and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).

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