EagleView: Week 3


Looking back at last week’s articles.

We started our week by wondering if NAFTA, the trade agreement which connects the North American countries, is going to survive Trump’s protectionist agenda. Staying with connections, we reviewed how the Internet of Things market is doing. And then onto disconnections: what is happening with Brexit?

We progressed onto chocolate: in the UK the size might be shrinking but the price isn’t. At least the same can’t be said about Russia and India’s economies. Both are BRICs but only one is particularly happy with its progress.

Growth also spread to the US, in the form of job numbers, and Japan where exports are surging. However, not for UK house building: it’s beginning to stall.

We should remember though: growth isn’t always good. Gold, for instance, is up. That’s bad. It means investors are worried about the markets. Meanwhile, China is beginning to get nervous about soaring steel prices. And more worryingly, the gender pay gap may also still be growing.

But then again, a boom in tourism is definitely welcome in Kenya. Yet, as we saw with Italy, growth, when it’s too slow, can worry the markets. And even worse, as we witnessed with US drug prices, growth can kill.

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