EagleView: Week 2


Looking back at last week’s articles.

We started our week by seeing how UK house price growth is slowing down. A drop in asking prices in London, Brexit and new taxes all helped lower the UK average.

The bad news continued with an update on output from the Eurozone: it’s dropped. You can blame the rising value of the Euro which has made Eurozone goods more expensive on the global markets.

Elsewhere, things look brighter for Iran. Its economic fortunes are improving but it needs to sort out structural problems in order to make significant and sustained progress.

Snapchat too needs to rectify problems: being certain about its corporate strategy will help reverse its falling share price.

Back to the Eurozone and jobs numbers were up. This will help the group raise the inflation rate and show that its recovery is secured.

And talking about growth, Apple is now worth over $800bn. Better than expected iPhone sales helped propel the world’s biggest public company to ever greater heights.

But another tech company isn’t growing: Twitter. And this is beginning to concern investors.

Similarly, jewellers Tiffany has not been able to benefit from a partnership with Lady Gaga to reverse a fall in share value. Sales just keep dropping.  

Now let’s end on a high: Nigeria is out of recession.

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