Audi: The sun roof just went green


Mass roll out of fully electric cars could be getting closer.

Audi has announced a deal with Chinese solar firm Hanergy.

The car maker’s goal is for its future models to feature solar panel roofs. The first model should hit dealerships in 2025. The innovation will provide energy to the car’s inner appliances, freeing up the battery to focus solely on the engine.

And that’s important.

The range that electric cars can travel before the battery needs charging is the main stumbling block for prospective buyers.

Whilst this development won’t add significant mileage, it may lead to panels eventually being able to directly recharge the battery.

Shake up

Audi is looking to cut €10bn in costs, mostly from research and development, so it can maintain its profit margin. It’ll also share certain production costs with sister brand Porsche.

There’s also rumour of cuts at the top: some board members are up for dismissal. Perhaps a change of leadership is needed to ensure the company embraces green technology.

Industry trend

The car industry has been dogged by the emissions scandal, where supposedly environmentally friendly cars were actually producing higher levels of harmful emissions. This has rocked the public’s trust in the market, as companies had been faking emission test results.

Desperate to regain confidence in their environmental credentials, other car makers, including Volkswagen (Audi’s parent company), Ford and Nissan are also developing cars which use alternative fuel.


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